Bulletin 15th February 2015

The Parish of St. Luke is part of the Salford RC Diocese – Registered Charity No. 250037

6th Sunday of the Year                               15th February 2015

www.stlukesalford.org.uk                                      Ph: 0161 736 2696

Mass Times:  as on the notice board.

Tuesday Requiem Mass for Kathleen Roddy at 11.00am.

Thursday Requiem Mass for May Rice at 10.30am.


Masses received:   Kathleen Roddy, May Rice, Arthur Oakley, Beatrice Heuwart, Vincent Raymond, Edward Foley, Elsie Grady, Neville Martin, Norma Moran, Mary Ellen Finnerty & Hannah Bainbridge (Lately dead).  Annie & Austin Eagleton, Gabrielle Ward & Derek Bates (Anniversaries).  Ellen Lord, Betty Brierley, Martin Murray & Gabrielle Ward (Birthday memories).  Harry Manor, Dowdall family, Christopher Anne & Charlotte Rai, Cannon O’Toole & Eileen & Mary Connaughton

Next Wednesday: is ASH WEDNESDAY.  Masses at 9.00am and 7.00pm.

Welcome:   Into the family of St. Luke – Patrick Joseph Hanley - Congratulations Susan and Vincent.

LentShort Stations of the Cross before ALL masses.

Walk With Me:    A Lenten journey. One for every family.  FREE.

Red Boxes:  £728.79 last quarter:  £3580.65 Last year!  Incredible!  Thank You!

Quiz Night:  Sat 28th Feb.  Doors open 7.30pm quiz starts at 8.00pm.  Bring your own food.  Only £1 PP.  Ticket available after mass or on the night!  Max 6 in a team.

UCM:  Diocesan AGM.  21st Feb Mass at 2.00pm at St. Luke’s.  Also Sunday 22 March a retreat at the Schoenstatt shrine in Salford 12.30 – 4.30pm.

Parish Website:  It’s up and running! Bulletins, groups, events and a forum are all there.  Please would all groups send me updates via the website asap.  For church matters please contact Fr. John.

Bulletin:  Please contact Terry on 0161 794 2497   or Fr. John to pass on your suggestions and news items.


Unclean!  Unclean!  Unclean!

The dreaded disease.  You were ostracised.  You were cast out – (an outcast)


“Jesus, if you want to you can cure me.”

He doesn’t doubt his power to cure; he doesn’t doubt his good will.  As a leper he simply doubts whether anyone has the will to bother with him.

“Of Course I Want To Be Cured!” And He Touches Him.

Jesus not only cures the poor leper but once again breaks another serious religious taboo, he touches him, and more importantly the leper is received back into the community. He Is No Longer An Outcast!

St. Mark, in his gospel, is anxious to show the beauty of the humanity of Jesus. Divine Love In Human Form – Incredible!  And he can cure each one of us – IF WE ASK!


I visited Lledr Hall in Wales last Wednesday, unknown to the children.  The comments from the staff were delightful:  “Beautifully mannered & respectful.”  “Full of energy and enthusiasm.”  “Caring and considerate.”  “A pleasure to teach.”  They were endless in their praise!  Well done year 6!  YOU DID US PROUD!

And I’m glad to say the behaviour of our own teachers was IMPECCABLE!  Thanks you Mr. Jameson, Mrs Delaney, Mrs Harb and Mr Noblet.  YOU ARE BRILL!  Sorry about the Liquidation!!!

And my Valentine Favourites

“Don’t go kissing at the garden gate:  Love is blind but the neighbour’s aint!”

I want a man who is kind and understanding.  Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?

I know a man who wants to get married but he can’t.  He’s a pacifist!

Women are called the opposite sex because when you want to do anything they want to do the opposite!!!

A belated happy Valentine’s Day!