Bulletin 1st February 2015

1st February 2015.  4th Sunday of the Year

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Mass Times:  As on notice board. Funeral of Ivy Madden

Theme: “He taught them with authority” – Yes the authority of God Himself!

Masses Received:  Val Hull, Teresa Fourloubeyx (France) Ivy Madden and Phyllis Thorp (lately dead) Nell Quinn, Margaret Sullivan, Charles Raymond, Mary Malone Mr N K Varkey (anniversaries) Maura Murray, Frank Connor, John Laffin & Anthony Horton (birthday memories) Martha Robinson (birthday) Eveline & James Edwards (dec) Win McCormick, Ray Bell & James Bergout.

SPUC: Annual appeal for the Protection of the Unborn Child, at all Masses today. Thank You.

CAFOD:  SALFORD SUPPORTERS DAY at Salford Cathedral Centre, on Saturday 7th February from 9am till 3pm. Bishop John will be giving the keynote address. Please see notice board.

UNCLAIMED CHRISTMAS RAFFLE PRIZES:   Mrs. F. Hill, Caroline James, S. Mullen, Olivia, Mike George, K. Keyes.      

Fr Joseph:  Has sent 4 new photographs which are now on display in the Narthex.

Next week’s bulletin: Please contact Fr John or ring Stephanie 737 6419 with items for next week’s bulletin.


Like all the prophets before him, ALL SENT by God, Jesus knows that eventually he will suffer the same fate - REJECTION 

GOOD versus EVIL in the world is a constant battle, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Archbishop Romero, ALL messengers of peace, all assassinated. Concentration camps in Europe, genocide in Rwanda and now Islamist extremists, all evil. That is why UNITY of ALL Churches is so vital. So forgive me but a simple repeat of last Sunday. Pope Benedict’s historic visit to our country in 2010 was a joy – his message

1               Anglicans and Catholics are not competitors but witnesses to the love of Jesus Christ.

2               We must work for peace and understanding.

3               Learn to know and respect each other.

4               Heal past wrongs on both sides.

5               Realise we are all followers of Jesus Christ


Three parent babies (A message from ‘Life’)

In order to eliminate some inherited diseases, the Government is proposing to ask Parliament to legalise the process by which an egg taken from the birth mother has part of the egg removed and replaced by part of an egg from a donor woman. The reconstructed egg would then be fertilised by IVF in a laboratory, after which it would be replaced into the birth mother. Later she would give birth to a baby who effectively has three parents. Genetic Modification has been little tested on human beings and could throw up congenital abnormalities. Experiments on animals have had some horrifying results. Most countries are holding back, with the US recommending extreme caution, but Britain is rushing ahead. We object to it because it is yet another assault on the sanctity and dignity of human life. Please sign the petition to our MP, which can be found in the Narthex

The full message from ‘Life’ is in the Narthex. 

And an invaluable pearl from Winston Churchill!

“Some men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” 


“To be good is noble, but to teach others to be good is nobler – AND LESS TROUBLE.” Mark Twain