Bulletin 25th September 2016

Mass Times:   As on the notice board.

Theme:  INDIFFERENCE to the poor.

Masses Received:   Terry Marsden, Philomena Sinnott, John Kelly, Dennis Lynch and Jenny Lawrence (lately dead). Little George Edward McAuley, William Jackson, Alice Bickley, Noreen Woollacott & Bill Hoolihan (Anniversaries). Anthony Appleton (Poorly).  Mathew Kerrane (birthday memory).  May Rice & Barry Murphy.

Friday Next:  Requiem Mass for Ann Roberts at 11.30.

Thank You:    for last Saturday nights celebration!  What a brilliant parish night!  St Luke’s certainly has talent!  Thank you for your many cards and for the very handsome cheque!  Harold Riley does spoil me!  Fr. Frankie really did miss his vocation?!?  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

Tuesday is the feast of S.V.D.P:  A big thanks to all of the S.V.P members.

Mums and Tots:   Mums, dads & carers come along to the centre with your babies and tots for the Monday morning play session (9.00-11.30) for a chat and tea and toast.

Friday Quiz:  Have a drink and a laugh at the weekly quiz (8.30-11.00pm) in a friendly atmosphere in the parish centre.

Bulletin:  Please contact Terry on 0161-794-2497 or Fr. John to pass on your suggestions and news items.

“There was once a rich man who used to dress in purple –

at his gate lay a poor man”

Today’s Gospel is a well know traditional story-


The rich man is not cruel, he just doesn’t notice him.

            In our modern world we are faced with the complex problems of world debt, hunger, under-development and corruption.  We have the problem of obesity whilst others are starving.  But WHERE DO WE START?

            We see Aid Convoys carrying essential food and medicines blown to bits and the Aid Workers Killed.  We see refugees fleeing in fear with their few possessions.  Then we see massive expensive warships, sophisticated fighter planes, tanks and missiles that cost millions.  Clearly we need to care for others and not close our eyes to their desperation, but again, where do we begin?

            In two weeks time we will have our bi-annual FAMILY FAST DAY.  It gives us the opportunity to experience the daily plight of these poor people.

A THOUGHT!  Luxuries, something you don’t need but can’t do without!


And to end with a little smile

“Mum” asked Billy in front of the guests, “Is the pudding not good for me OR is there not enough to go round?”

Dad told young Freddy that he must eat well to grow tall.  “Are you going to grow any bigger dad?”  “No son”  “Then why do you keep eating?”!

Kind old lady to ‘a man on the street’  “Have you any convictions, young man?”  “Not really missus; but I did once get a month for stealing a poor box from Church”!!!!


And my favourite – Billy ordered a pizza and the waiter asked him if he wanted it cut into 6 or 12 pieces.  “Six please, I couldn’t eat 12”!!!

And finally

What two things are most helped by shortening?

Biscuits and St. Luke’s bulletin!