Bulletin 23rd October 2016

Mass Times:   As on the notice board.

Theme:  Humility – “Be merciful to me a sinner.”

Masses Received:   Margaret Hendrikse (lately dead). Harold Rossiter, Lillian Hartley, Bernard Sullivan, Sheelagh Byrne and Peter Reid (Anniversaries). Elizabeth Riley (Poorly).  Edith Horrocks  (anniversary and birthday memory).

Fr. Pat Clarke:  will speak at all Masses this weekend.  Second collection for the Children of Brazil.

Social Night:    Wednesday 26th October 7.30pm in aid of the Loaves and Fishes, organised by the UCM.  Tickets £5 (includes buffet) on sale after all Masses or pay on the door.

Christmas Fair:  will take place on Saturday 3rd December.  We welcome donations of food items to make Christmas hampers.  I.e. Chutney, Xmas puddings, wine, mince pies, biscuits and any other festive foods.  Please leave donations in the Narthex.

Friday Quiz:  Have a drink and a laugh at the weekly quiz (8.30-11.00pm) in a friendly atmosphere in the parish centre.

Bulletin:  Please contact Dennis on 0161-794 2497 or Fr. John to pass on your suggestions and news items.

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

“Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the man who humbles himself will be exalted”

            Yet again, Jesus shocks his listeners!  The good and the bad go to pray but ONLY ONE of them actually prays – ‘The Miserable Tax Collector’!

The Pharisee is full of himself!  He preens himself like a peacock!  He rattles on about how wonderful he is!  He Is Self Righteous and has No Need Of God At All.

The Tax Collector, in contrast, tells the simple truth, That He Needs God.  “Be merciful to me, a sinner.”  His prayer is a plea for mercy, forgiveness and help.  He knows the truth about himself and throws himself entirely on God’s mercy.

He prays for mercy and goes home justified.  HE NEEDS GOD!

We too need God!  God be merciful to me, A SINNER!

Today Is World Mission Sunday

“The church exists for Mission as Fire does for burning.”  To quote Pope Benedict

“In a world where there is so much violence and poverty we ask ourselves, ‘What will become of humanity and creation?’  What is the hope for the future?  The answer comes from the Gospel – Jesus Christ is our future and his Gospel gives us hope.  Without God we are without hope.

We can’t all go out on the missions so we’ve sent FR. Pat Clarke to Brazil on our behalf!


“When I get a headache I take two aspirins and keep away from children – just like it says on the bottle”!

“I’m on a nut free diet.  I avoid all those people who drive me nuts”!

People who say ‘they sleep like a baby’ usually don’t have one!

There are many things you can learn from children – and Patience is only one of them!


And a final thought –

Don’t try to make children grow up like you or they may do it!!!


Clocks go back next week!


Enjoy the half term!