Bulletin 1st March 2015

Mass Times: As on notice board. Friday Requiem Mass for Michael Joseph John O’Reilly 12 noon.

Theme: The Transfiguration –“This is MY BELOVED SON.”

Masses Received: Michael O’Reilly, Edith Frey, Kath Roddy, Peter Hughes, May Rice, & Vincent Raymond (lately dead) Matthew Kerrane & John Duffy (anniversaries) Pauline Bryan, Harry Worracott (birthday Memories) Philomena Farrell (speedy recovery)  Peter Reid

Welcome: Into the family of St Luke, Ava Grace Bird, Congratulations Joanne & Glynn.

Stations of the Cross:   Short form before all Masses during Lent.

CAFOD: Family Fast Day last Friday. Please return your envelopes today. 2nd Collection Today for CAFOD.

Lenten School of Prayer: St Charles Swinton “Praying with the Old Testament”, each Saturday during Lent 12 noon – 2.30pm. Please see notice board.

Fr Denis McBride:       “The Passion Narratives in the Gospels” 26 March at St Gabriel’s High School Bury at 7.30pm.

Women's World Day of Prayer:        An Interdenominational Service is to be held this year at St. John's C of E Church Bolton Road on Friday 6th March 2015 at 2pm.The theme is ‘Jesus said to them “do you know what I have done for you?”Prepared by the Christian women of the Bahamas. Please come along to represent St. Luke's.   

Gift Aid Envelopes:      Please collect your Gift Aid envelopes for the financial year 2015/16 from the Narthex. If you have any questions or wish to start using gift aid for your Sunday donation please ring Dennis on 789 4462

CAFOD: SALFORD SUPPORTERS DAY at Salford Cathedral Centre, on Saturday 7th February from 9am till 3pm. Bishop John will be giving the keynote address. Please see notice board.

Next week’s bulletin: Please contact Fr John or ring Stephanie 737 6419 with items for next week’s bulletin.




Soon they will be devastated, distraught, bewildered, and totally lost. Is this the end?

He will die a distorted figure on a cross. They will see him writhe in agony, suffering excruciating pain. They will come to know DIVINE LOVE – “FATHER FORGIVE THEM.”

 Lent is a time when we too, try to understand DIVINE LOVE. He was willing to be ridiculed, humiliated, hated and spat upon by His own creatures! It really is INCREDIBLE!

            The land in which Jesus was born -THE HOLY LAND – was a cruel, violent, corrupt and brutal world. They tried to kill him as soon as he was born! Yet “God Loved this world so much that He sent his Son to die for it.” He sent not to judge and condemn but to HELP and to bring LOVE and FORGIVENESS.


Without the wounds and handicaps of sin we would have no need of God. We would claim independence. The simple fact is that we NEED God. Our problem, especially today, is our sophistication, our pride and our arrogance. Is there anything we can’t do? YES, WE CAN’T MAKE PEACE!!! WE NEED GOD and we must have humility, to ASK HIS HELP.  And that goes for each one of us! We are everyone of us, FLAWED! “I HAVE NOT COME FOR THE VIRTUOUS, BUT THE SINNERS.


“Before ever He made us God loved us.” (Julian of Norwich)

At times we, too, need the reassurance that God loves each one of us – despite our weakness and sinfulness

Yes, each one of us is SPECIAL to Him.

     GOD is ...............TOTALLY RELIABLE

GOD is ...............Interested in YOU!

GOD is ...............ABLE to carry YOUR burdens!

GOD is ...............LOVE and JESUS SHOWS IT!

"Jesus promises us two things: Your life has meaning and you are going to live forever. If you know a better offer. TAKE IT!!!"

"Billy, why do you think God loves us ALL very much?" "Please Miss, because He only has one of each of us,'

(Yes, we are each unique - just like everyone else!!!) 


     “My husband said it was either him or   the dog – I miss him sometimes.”

     “Excuse the mess – we wanted you to feel at home.”!


Hope you are enjoying Lent