Bulletin 7th May 2017

Mass Times:   as on the notice board

Theme:  I am the GOOD Shepherd.

Masses Received:   Patty Mulcahey and Pam Echel (Amanda’s mum) (lately dead). Bernard Ward, Mary Wilmington and May Rice (Birthday Memories). Kath Nealon (Anniversary).  Holly Worsley and Cliff & Agnes Wadsworth the Wadsworth Family (Special Intentions). Imelea Newbury, Sarah (Sally) and Edward Nally.

2nd collection:   for the Ecclesiastical fund.  Thank you

UCM: Retreat at the Schoenstatt Shrine Sunday 07 May at 12-30pm.

AGM Meeting Wednesday 10 May in the Parish Centre after the 7pm Mass.  Balance of £130 for Walsingham must be paid before the end of May. Thank you

Bulletin:  Please contact Terry on 794-2497 or Fr. John to pass on your suggestions and news items.


We are his people, the sheep of his flock



Sheep as we know wander and stray and get themselves into all sorts of difficulties – THEY ARE STUPID!

AND YET......

“I lay down my life for my sheep, both the white and the black!


“I have chosen you, you haven’t chosen me.”

YOU are my special friends.

“Why me Lord, I’m not good enough.”

“Yes I know.  That’s my problem.”

“But I’m scared!”

“Why, I’ll be with you.”

“OK.  You win, but give me the courage to say YES.”

What greater vocation in life?

OK ”Rejoice with me, I have found my sheep that was lost.”



And on a lighter note!

What are the two most important qualities to become a successful parish priest?  The constitution of an Ox and the Skin of a rhinoceros!

Did you know:-

That priest only work one day a week!

That priests don’t get married because no one will have them!


Prayer for Vocations

Loving Father, touch and transform us by the joy of your love.

Make us missionary disciples, empowered to carry the love of Christ to our neighbour.

May young people be inspired by our example to take up the path of Christian discipleship and dedicate their lives to the service of the Gospel.

Raise up new vocations by the power of your Holy Spirit to the priesthood and consecrated life: send us men and women, inspired to be living signs of your mercy.

Grant us all an openness of heart, that we might readily respond to your call, and proclaim with joy the Good News to the whole world.

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.