Bulletin 10 August 2014





 10th August     2014. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time.








Mass times: As notice board.  Friday- Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady. Vigil mass      Thurs. 7pm. Friday 9am & 7pm.


Thursday- Requiem      mass for Michael James O’Rourke, 11am.




Masses received: Michael James      O’Rourke (lately dead), Colin Sim (anniv); George & Lily Sexton      (Birthday memories); Gabrielle, Wedding Anniversary, Chris (sp. Ints); Sarah      Jackson & Joseph Nicholson-Trier (wedding best wishes), 16 August.




Welcome into the family of St. Luke’s: Frankie James      Ballantyne, Eva Lillian Pithers. Congratulations Natalie & James;      Janine & Matthew.




UCM: Next meeting Wed 13 August in Parish Centre after      7pm mass. Nancy Griffin will present a talk on “Health Matters”.




APF: Red Boxes- total for June was £756.06. Many      thanks to holders & collectors.




Date for diary: “The Salford Archer”      at Ordsall Hall Sun 17 Aug. See poster in Narthex. It’s all there!






Next week’s bulletin: Contact Dennis Miles 789 4462 or      see Fr. John.






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How then could she possibly suffer     death & corruption, which are the result of sin? IMPOSSIBLE! Before any     dogma this has always been the belief of the people.




Yes,     as Mary received her son into our world, Jesus received His mother into His     world.




The     impetuous Peter is once again out of his depth! In fact, he is drowning.     Yes, he is slow in learning a very hard lesson- don’t rely on yourself.     You will fail! It’s a lesson we all have to learn.


It’s     so easy to forget God when all is going well. It’s when problems &     tragedies come along that we get serious about our prayers. All too often     we hear; “all we can do now is pray”. It’s as if prayer is a last resort.


“He’s     got the whole world in His hands”. HE IS GOD! IT IS HIS WORLD! WE ARE HIS     CREATION! HE CARES! In fact, HE IS A LOVING FATHER!


“Lord,     save me!” And Jesus puts out His hand at once & holds him. “Man of     little faith, why did you doubt?” and He saved him from drowning.


Why     are men so stupid that they think they can go it alone? War, killing,     bloodshed. War, killing, bloodshed. The Dalai Lama was once asked “What     thing about humanity surprises you most?” His answer, “IN ONE WORD, MAN. He     sacrifices his health to make money. He sacrifices his money to recuperate     his health. Then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy     the present. And as a result he doesn’t live in the present or the future.     AND THEN HE LIVES AS IS HE IS NEVER GOING TO DIE, AND THEN HE DIES HAVING     NEVER REALLY LIVED!” It’s brilliant!


YES,     man can make the most sophisticated weapons- BUT HE CAN’T MAKE PEACE!






Theme: Trust and Confidence- Aware of our own weakness.



And a few GEMS for the holiday!

When you’re in trouble & your knees knock- kneel on them!

Don’t despair- try prayer!

God is not just for EMERGENCIES!

Don’t count sheep. TALK to the Shepherd!

Come nearer to GOD & He will come nearer to you!

Why pray when you can worry & take tranquilisers?

Finally, no-one writes better fiction than the Weatherman!