• Bulletin 3rd July 2016

    Mass Times:   As on the notice board.  Tuesday Requiem Mass for Kath Palmer at 11.00am.

    Theme:  Don’t keep the GOOD NEWS to yourself – SHARE IT!

    Masses received:  Kath Palmer, Barbara McCall, Elaine Davis and Mrs Griffin (Ireland) - (Lately dead).  Philomena Scarsbrook, Thomas Regan and Brian Morgan (Anniversaries).  Wilfred Lyons (Birthday memories).  Bridie Beswick (Successful op).

    Congratulations:  To our grandaughter Meghan Reece on obtaining a Double First with Hons.

    Our prayers have been answered.  Dorothy and Gerry Mahon.

    Summer Fair:  NEXT SATURDAY!  1.00 – 3.00PM.

    St. Luke’s School:  Closed Monday.  Inset Day.

    Bulletin:  Please contact Terry on 0161 794 2497 or Fr. John to pass on your suggestions and news items.

    “The Lord appointed 72 others and sent them ahead of him”

    72 TRAILBLAZERS!  72 St. John the Baptists!

    “Go and preach the good news.”  What good news?

    God is OUR Father and Loves us and ALL HIS CREATION!

    There is a sense of urgency in today’s gospel, why?

     Because Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and knows soon he will be killed.

    Don’t waste time, start off now.  Don’t worry about material things –


    And finally, Pope Francis tells us that to be a true disciple is to be A MISSIONARY!

    Don’t keep the good news to yourself – share it! 

    “Example is the TEACHER of mankind.”  Simply, OUR LIVES!

    “DO I CARE FOR OTHERS OR AM I SELF-CENTRED ONLY?”  Worthwhile considering!


    And the Lord said GO!
    And I said who me?
    And He said Yes You.
    And I said
    But I'm not ready yet
    And there is studying to be done.
    I've got this part-time job.
    You know how tight my schedule is.
    And He said You're Stalling.

    Again the Lord said GO!
    And I said I didn't want to.
    And He said I Didn't Ask If You Wanted To.
    And I said
    Listen I'm not the kind of person
    To get involved in controversy.
    Besides my friends won't like it
    And what will my roommate think?
    And He said Baloney.

    And yet a third time the Lord said GO!
    And I said do I have to?
    And He said Do You Love Me?
    And I said
    Look I'm scared.
    People are going to hate me
    And cut me into little pieces.
    I can't take it all by myself.
    And He said Where Do You Think I'll Be?

    And the Lord said GO!
    And I sighed
    Here I am...send me.



    And on a lighter note!

    You greatest gift to others is GOOD EXAMPLE!

    When church services are over, YOUR SERVICE begins!

    Would people rather see you coming or GOING!

    After all is said and done, usually more is SAID than DONE!

    Is your life a testimony true?  Could the world be won for Jesus by what others see in you?!!

    And finally a brilliant quote from Pope (ST.) John Paul –

    “If the gospel is really GOOD NEWS then being a CHRISTIAN MEANS BEING A HAPPY PERSON SPREADING JOY”!!!