• Bulletin 18th September 2016


    MASS TIMES:  As on the notice board.

    THEME:           Damage limitation. A dishonest but astute employee.

    MASSES RECEIVED: Terry Marsden and Denis Durant (lately dead) Maurice Corridan, Mayers and Blackburn families, Walter John Wilmington and Martin McDermott (anniversaries) Terrie Lyons and Chris Roberts (birthday memories) Mary Hill (poorly) In honour of St. Joseph, Pat 80th birthday (congratulations) and Martina and Alan (30th wedding anniversary) congratulations.

    NEXT WEEK’S BULLETIN: Please ring Trish (793 4901) or Fr. John.


    (1st Reading)

    Amos the prophet condemns the oppression of poor people by well-off comfortable people who fulfil their religious duties but exploit the needy.

    And in the Gospel we're told that the children of this world are more astute than the children of light. He doesn't praise his dishonesty but his astuteness.

    (The Gospel)

    A Clever story to illustrate the wiles of the dishonest. Our Lord doesn't praise his dishonesty but his astuteness.

    A Few Gems of Wisdom

    "It is a disgrace to be poor - which is the only good thing you can say about it" (Jewish Proverb)

    "Poverty is a blessing hated by all men" (Italian Proverb)

    "God helps the poor for the rich can help themselves" (Scottish Proverb)


    Please in 3 lines what makes St. Luke's so special to you?

    (The opinions of the CELEBRITIES!)

      Harold Riley

         a. I was baptised there.

         b. It is an extended family that I love.

         c. It has provided me with a facility to show and share my work with the people.

      Fr. Patrick

        During the 7 years I have been coming to St. Luke's I have always felt that it is my home because of

        the very warm, kind, generous and welcoming environment created by Fr. John and the parishioners.

        It is a pleasure to be here to witness the good humour, friendship and good sense of Fr. John.        

     Fr. Joseph

        My experience of St. Luke's is one big family with Fr. John at its centre just like a loving father. The

        loving and fruitful relationships created are strong and vibrant and are evident throughout the parish

        where everybody is welcomed into the family.

     Fr. Uchenna

        Social Life, and worship at St. Luke's are awesome! I always get excited when I go to St. Luke's because for

        me it has been a family. I always feel at home, welcomed and engaged. It gives me joy meeting Fr. John and

        the parishioners of St. Luke's. I always come away feeling better, happier and encouraged.

     Mr. Jameson

        Some ten years ago St. Luke's welcomed me - a stranger, and made a place for me around the parish

        family table. It is a place where I meet God each and every day through the wonderful children, the

        inspiring adults and the loving families and the caring parishioners. St. Luke's is a place where love

        abounds, emanating from ..... my dear friend Fr. John.

    Fr. John himself!

        A privilege to serve an exceptionally talented, wholeheartedly committed, in comparably generous and

        extremely warm welcoming parish. The FAMILY of St. Luke's


    And finally from the Parishioners

        We are very proud of our newly decorated beautiful church. We love to hear the comments made by visitors

         to the parish about the warmth and friendliness they feel when in St. Luke's. We feel lucky to have had Fr. John

         with us for 25 years and hope he will be with us for many more.