Bulletin 3 August 2014

                   St. Luke’s Parish Bulletin

The Parish of St. Luke is part of the Salford RC Diocese – Registered Charity No. 250037

18th Sunday of the Year                    3rd August 2014

www.stlukesalford.org.uk                  Ph: 0161 736 2696



Mass Times:   As on the notice board.

Friday next is the Feast of St. Dominic, founder of the Dominicans – how coincidental!

Theme:    FOOD and LOVE – both from heaven

Masses received:  Richard Berry, Bernadette Casey & Mary Peers (Lately dead).  Bob Owens & James Boles (Anniversary). Vincent Smith (Birthday Memory). Mary Collins, Josephine Rowan,Chris (Special Intention) &Phil Cusack – Happy 90th Birthday!

Welcome:  into the family of St. Luke’s.  Mia Rose Whittingham, Teddy William Donohue, Freddy Anthony Petruzis & Isabella Grace Kilburn.  Congratulations Tracy & Lee, Chantelle & Ben, Jessica & Tony, Colette & Nick.

Bulletin:  Please contact Terry on 0161 794 2497   or Fr. John to pass on your suggestions and news items.



Yes, it is both FOOD and LOVE – IT COST HIM HIS LIFE! “This is my BODY given for you, my BLOOD shed for you.”  Just as without FOOD there is no LIFE, without LOVE there is NO LIFE WORTH HAVING.  THE EUCHARIST IS GOD’S GIFT BOTH OF FOOD AND OF LOVE.  -  THANK YOU FATHER.


Fr. IFTIKHAR NOON (OP) – OUR VISITING PRIEST – His history and background.

Fr. PRIDE (in English) is the Parish priest of the Holy Rosary in the diocese of FAISALABAD in Pakistan.  The Parish was established in1972 by American & Italian Dominicans to serve the Catholic community which was scattered, depressed and exploited and in need of pastoral care.  There are at present six Dominican Priests serving 3553 poor families.  The parish includes 3 primary schools, 2 middle schools a goal/jail, a dispensary run by the medical Sisters and a sewing school.  They are involved in youth ministry and Inter –Faith activities with both Christians and Muslim communities.  Yes, their church is quite a big one!


“I have enjoyed immensely my visit to St. Luke’s parish, even for only one month.  I marvel at the bond between priest & people, especially with the children which is so important for the future of the Church.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit such an amazing Parish which is so authentic a witness to the Gospel.  The love, concern & support I have received, well , an experience I shall never forget!

Hopefully, in two years time when Fr. John celebrates his Silver Jubilee as Parish Priest at St. Luke’s I shall return to take part in such a MEGA event.  As  Fr. John would say, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”


PS. Thank you Gill for your kind & generous hospitality to Father in your home – your BRILL!

PPI. Father only started learning English in High School – and he speaks it fluently!  How do they do it?!

Father, it has been a pleasure to meet you.  You are always most welcome at St. Luke’s.  So it’s Au revoir, Bon Voyage & Merci Beaucoup!  Fr. John.


And the funnies: FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!

Some eat to live, other live to eat!

Yes, eat, drink, be merry – for tomorrow you’ll have to diet!

Overheard in the school playground:  I’m not going to starve to death just so I can live a little longer!


And my children’s favourite:

Little Billy in front of his mums guests: “Mummy is the desert not good for me or isn’t there enough to go round”?!

Billy sat in front of an enormous steak:  “Billy, you’re not going to eat that alone?”  “Of course not, I’m going to have chips and peas too”!  Sweet children, I could eat one every day!”