• Bulletin 17th April 2016





    Masses received:


    Pat Savage, Shirley Handley, Emma Whelan & May Cole (lately dead); George Edward McAuley (7), Michael Hindle, Ellen & George Weedon (anniversary); Angel Doherty, Christopher & Anne Milne & Anthony Johnson; Edward & Sarah Nally & Imelda & Nally family.



    Welcome into the family of St. Luke’s: Henry Alexander Franklin. Congratulations Rachel & Daniel.



    Walsingham: Diocesan Pilgrimage, 7th May 2016. See Notice board



    Northern Catholic Conference. Liverpool Hope University. 17th- 19th June. See notice board



    SS Peter & Paul Diamond Jubilee. Pilgrimage to Fernyhaigh- Our Lady at Ladyewell. 14th May 2016. Contact Joan Sweeney 736 5588.



    St George’s Day celebrations. Parish Centre, Saturday 23 April 2016, doors 7pm for 7.30pm. Bring your own snacks, Tickets £5 each and are available after each mass.



    Next week’s bulletin: Contact Dennis on 789 4462 or see Fr. John.


    We are his people, the sheep of his flock



    Sheep as we know wander & stray and get themselves into all sorts of difficulties- THEY ARE STUPID!

    AND YET….

    “I lay down my life for my sheep”, both the white AND the black


    “I have chosen you, you haven’t chosen me”

    YOU are my special friends.

    “Why me Lord, I’m not good enough”.

    “Yes, I know. That’s my problem”.

    “But I’m scared!”

    “Why, I’ll be with you”

    OK. You win, but give me the courage to say YES”

    What greater vocation in life?

    “Rejoice with me, I have found my sheep that was lost”

    A Priests dilemma- He’s always in the wrong.

    If his homily is a few minutes longer than usual- “He send us to sleep”

    If it is short- “He didn’t prepare it”

    If he raises his voice, “He is shouting!”

    If he speaks normally, “You can’t hear a thing!”

    If he starts mass on time, “His watch must be fast”

    If he starts mass late, “He holds everyone up!”

    If he celebrates the liturgy in a quiet voice, “He’s a bore!”

    If he puts feeling into it, “He’s an actor!”

    If he’s out visiting, “He’s never at home!”

    If he’s in the presbytery, “He never visits his people!”

    If he decorates the church, “He’s wasting money!”

    If he doesn’t, “He’s letting it run down!”

    If he occasionally mentions Man Utd,” He’s always talking soccer!”

    If he is young, “He lacks experience!”

    If he is old, “He ought to retire”

    WHAT ARE THE 2 MOST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL PRIEST? The constitution of an OX and the SKIN of a rhinoceros!

    Did you know

    That priests only work one day a week!

    That priests don’t get married because no-one will have them!

    That the symbol of a bishop is a CROOK

    That the sign of an archbishop is a DOUBLE CROSS!

    AND FINALLY. That you can please some people all the time; all the people some of the people but not all the people all the time.  IN FACT. You can’t please some people any of the time.