Bulletin 5th July 2015

Mass Times: as on the notice board.

Theme: “Let go and let God.”

Masses received:  John Cooper & Birdie Groarke (lately dead).  Harry Woollacott, Gareth Jones, Mark Cooper, Sam Cooper (anniversaries).  Eugene Rice (successful op).  Peter Reid (special intention).

Parish Group:  All parishioners are welcome to the next meeting on Monday 20th July in the Parish Centre at 8.15pm.

Summer Fair:  A resounding success!  Thank you to ALL organisers, workers, helper and spenders, etc, etc, - the list is almost endless.  Results next week.

Congratulations:  to our OLA KOZLOWSKA & ALICE McNORTON elected head and deputy head girls at St. Ambrose Barlow.  Both formerly girls at St. Luke’s.  We’re proud of you!!

Thank You:  Jacob for your beautiful 1st Holy Communion ‘thank you card’ – it’s most appreciated.

Bulletin:  Please contact Terry on 0161 794 2497   or Fr. John to pass on your suggestions and news items.

Hostility and Rejection

“They are defiant & obstinate” the Prophet Ezekiel.   

“He was amazed at the lack of faith”  St. Mark’s Gospel

It’s the same old story, “I will not serve.”  I will not believe.”

PRIDE – “I am self-made.”  “I am self sufficient.”


Discouragement and Failure

“My grace is enough for you: My power is at its best in weakness.”  St. Paul has to learn that human weakness is a fact, THAT IS WHY WE NEED GOD.  St Paul now sees a new image of God, A God who knows our weakness and also wants to help.

“My grace is enough for you: My power is at its best in weakness.”

“Even if I must die with you I will never disown you.”  Yet, “I don’t know this man.”

It was hard lesson for Peter to learn and not only did Jesus forgive him; He made him head of the Church!

So it’s “LET GO AND LET GOD.”  (Alcoholics anonymous).

Amazing grace; “Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far.”

Praise to the Holiest; “A second Adam to the fight & to the rescue came.”

Some words of Wisdom

It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce!

Failure is success if we LEARN from it!

And finally: if at first you don’t succeed, DON’T TRY SKY DIVING!!!

STOP PRESS               STOP PRESS               STOP PRESS               STOP PRESS               STOP PRESS


As promised by Bishop John the diocesan consultation is now ready.  Please take home a questionnaire.  You can complete the questionnaire in writing or respond using the internet. 

The Web address is www.surveymonkey.com/s/salford2015


As well as individual responses we are asked for a Parish response, so shortly we will have a Parish meeting to discuss the consultation.  We have until Friday 7th August 2015.  Thanks for all your help.