Bulletin 25th October 2015

Mass Times:   As on the notice board.

Theme:    Faith and Trust.

Masses received:  Mary Rabbitt, Jim Brennan, Eric Williams, Larry Walsh and John Doyle (Lately dead).  Louise Anne Ramsbottom (Anniversary). Edith Horrocks (Birthday anniversary and memory).  Dimitrios Sotiriou, Sally and Ray.

Welcome:Into the family of St. Luke’s Niamh Louise O’Donnell (Sarah she is beautiful).

Parish Group meeting:is on Monday 2nd November at 8.15 in the Parish centre.  Everybody welcome.

Dates for your diary:  5th December – Christmas Fair.  13th December – Senior Parishioners Party.  20th December – Carol Service.

UCM:  Benediction – Sat 31st October at 2.00pm in St John’s Cathedral.

Bulletin:  Please contact Terry on 0161 794 2497   or Fr. John to pass on your suggestions and news items.

Faith and Trust

“Master let me see again!”  The poor man is desperate, this is his only chance, so HE SCREAMS!

His faith, Jesus told him RESTORED HIS SIGHT!

His faith was proved by his scream.  When people never scream, doesn’t that suggest they don’t believe anything can change?  A very good question!

Unlike the Pharisees who could see Jesus but wouldn’t believe, Bartimaeus had never see Jesus but believed.                                                      FAITH AND TRUST!


“Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature.” (St. Augustine).

“A miracle is no argument to one who is deliberately and on principle, an atheist.”  (Blessed John Newman).

Some miracles are more unique than others – Jack Traynor of Liverpool.

Shot down by three bullets, 2 through his chest and 1 through his right arm severing the main nerves and making the arm paralysed.  After 4 unsuccessful attempts to unite the severed nerves he was awarded 100% pension.  A statement by 3 doctors attested that he was epileptic, incontinent and had no movement in his legs and his arm was paralysed.  It was after his ninth and last visit to the baths that he suddenly felt he could walk again.  Next day during the procession of the Blessed Sacrament his arm began to twitch.  On the third day he had recovered the use of his arm and the hole in his skull, through which it had been possible to see his brain pulsating, had completely closed.

            He returned home and took charge of the family coal business, and being an honest man, informed the Ministry of Pension of his recovery.  They had no administrative machinery to cope with MIRACLES and he continued to receive his pension until he died!



What is an atheist?  A man who has no invisible means of support!

If you crossed an atheist with a Jehovah’s witness what would you get?  Someone who knocks on your door for no particular reason!

“You’re not an agnostic Billy!  No, you’re just a fat slob who is too lazy to go to Mass!

“Billy, is there anything God can’t do?  Yes, Miss, even God can’t please everyone”!

And the best till last!

Why does an atheist religiously buy a lottery ticket every week?!!!



Ps. Clocks went back last night!